Complete Actuarial Solutions Co. (CASCO) is a Maryland corporation with a single office in McLean, Virginia. The principal owners are Alice Edmondson and Ed Shadman. CASCO has been in business since April 1996, although several of our employees have worked together far longer. Our mission is to be considered the best at what we do. As consulting actuaries, we're called on to help measure and manage the costs associated with tort liability exposures, employee benefits, and other contingent events. Though every client has unique needs, we follow a common set of objectives.

Our Objectives

  • Assist in identifying the right questions.
  • Come up with solid, highly supportable answers.
  • Communicate the answers clearly.
  • Deliver the work on time.
  • Charge reasonable fees.
  • Add value whenever possible.
  • Give 100% for every client – no matter how large or how small.
  • Treat all client contacts, regardless of position, with friendliness and respect.
  • Maintain a positive, collegial work environment to attract and retain the best possible employees.